Helpful Money Saving Tips

Helpful Money Saving Tips
Saving Money At Your Home
• Do simple home and car repairs yourself.
• Lower the temperature in your house at night during the winter (raise the temperature in the summer).
• Turn lights off when you leave a room.
• Conserve water (turn off water when brushing your teeth).
• Use average billing for utilities and pay bills on time.
• Control your use of credit cards.
• Stop all optional services on your telephone.
Pay your bills on time to avoid late fees, extra finance charges, and the costs of a bad credit rating.
• If you are incurring return check fees, evaluate your need for a checking account; shop around for free or low-cost checking.
Meals and Groceries Saving
• Pack a lunch to take to school or work instead of eating out.
• Cut down on meals away from home.
• Do more cooking from scratch.
• Use leftovers (and plan for leftovers) in soups and casseroles.
• Limit food shopping to once a week; the fewer trips to the grocery store the better.
• Use coupons for items you buy regularly.
• Make a grocery list and stick to it to prevent impulse buying.
• Buy only what you need–don’t buy things just because they are on sale.
Transportation Savings
• Consider moving closer to work, if that’s an option.
• Use public transportation.
• Drive small cars that cost less to operate.
Health, Recreation and Personal Care

Develop good health habits.
• Avoid tobacco, alcohol or addictive drugs.
• Study to improve your qualifications for the job you hold and let your boss know that you are interested in additional training to increase chances of a promotion.
• Look into government or church operated child care; or share child care responsibilities with a friend or neighbor.
• Plan family activities that are inexpensive such as picnics and playing in the park.
• Carry only small amounts of cash in your wallet so you won’t spend it.
• Get movies from the public library instead of renting them.
• Use direct deposit. You will be less likely to spend money if it goes straight into your account.
• Organize laundry so that a minimum number of loads is run.

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